“Goin to see Dubyedee, he said. No good son of a bitch… See my no good shitass brother…Dubyedee! … Come out you old fart… Dubyedee! Come out, goddamnit.”
—Cormac McCarthy, Suttree

Clearly, by any measure of common decency, litotes-maniac Cormac McCarthy is simply too kind. A sometime scholar, W.D. Clarke, a slow-reader and -lerner from Ontario, Canada, holds a doctorate in English and Comparative Literature from Warwick University, and has published on capitalism in the work of Thomas Pynchon. His second novel, She Sang to Them She Sang, was published by corona/samizdat in May, 2021. His first novel, White Mythology, came out in 2016.

In terms of social media, you can find Dubyedee on, where he welcomes friend-requests provided that the prospective friend has a heart as well as a head, and values camaraderie, wit, badinage, and of course books and junk and stuff.